How UCaaS benefits manufacturers

The use of unified communication solutions by manufacturers has become increasingly important in their day-to-day operations. Unified Communications platforms have allowed manufacturers to interact with customers directly, offering personalized attention in real-time and allowing them to provide after-sales customer service in an easy and accessible manner.   Unified communications, as well as Unified Communications as a Service, have […]

How A Business Continuity Plan Can Save Your Business

Assuring the continuity of all operations is crucial for the manufacturing industry in order to avoid a costly production halt. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are prepared to deal with adversity.  Producers may encounter a wide range of hazards, from natural disasters to data loss, that can disrupt operations for hours, days, or even weeks. The consequences of a production halt  Every […]

Disaster Recovery Plan for Manufacturing Business

Many businesses have embraced lean manufacturing (or lean thinking) as a keystone for success in today’s global market to achieve a competitive advantage. By following five main principles: define value, map the value stream, build flow, establish pull, and pursue perfection, companies have been able to increase output, reduce costs, enhance quality, and increase profits.    […]

Business management secret sauce: ERP software

Manufacturing is a highly competitive economic sector. No matter how big or small, every producer must be agile enough to cope with daily changes in the market. But how can we effectively manage machines, materials, and manpower to control costs when our business changes so quickly?  The truth is, many small to mid-sized businesses struggle […]

What to Know Before Migrating to SharePoint Online

Yes, you know how beneficial SharePoint can be for your business and you’re ready to take the first step into the migration journey.  But do you know where to start? Have you selected the data you want to migrate?  I know, hitting that migrate button is tempting, but this is indeed the last step of […]

Is Migrating Files to SharePoint Worth the Hassle?

File server vs Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint and a file server are both equal solutions for file storage.  Typically, companies have used local (on-premises) servers to manage their corporate data. This often consists of a common drive to which the connected desktops in an office have access. The IT staff from the organization are the […]

Here’s what to do to avoid being pwned

How to avoid being pwned or hacked

First things first, what does ‘being pwned’ even mean? The word ‘pwned’ derives from the verb ‘to be owned’. According to the urban dictionary, this term originated from the online game Warcraft, where a map designer misspelled the word ‘owned’. So initially, people used the term in the online gaming field to express that a […]

Home office security – A cybersecurity matter

Hpme office security is a cybersecurity matter

We are past the point of whether or not working remotely, or from home, is something we are unsure of. It is likely our permanent setup, or at the very least, a long term one that we need to move forward with and in confidence. These recommendations should be for readers who find themselves in […]

Home security risks

Identify the home security risks

When establishing a safe environment at home, we put locks on the doors, latches on the gate, and home security systems that keep uninvited visitors out, and alert us to any intruders otherwise. What we see is what we address – as is the case with most things and situations. But hidden somewhere in your […]