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A Glitch In The Matrix? The Unusual Promotion Of ‘Matrix Resurrection’ With NFTs

The advent of NFTs was quietly gaining momentum in the last year, giving singers, films, videogames and artists the opportunity to immortalize, monetize and promote their work. But what happens when the matrix breaks the matrix?

That’s right! The new film in the Matrix saga, The Matrix Resurrection, opted to promote its release with an unusual campaign of NFTs.

Like its predecessors, Lana Wachowski’s new film aims to revolutionize Hollywood with fresh and massive technological strategies. Warner has already started the promotional process with an announcement of the launch of 100,000 NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) to create a disruptive preamble to the fourth instalment of the saga.

The first stage of the launch will consist of avatars designed after characters that inhabit the Matrix at a cost of US $50 each one. You could have a Neo’s avatar, the iconic character of Keanu reeves. A second stage will take place on 16 December, just one day before the United States theaters release. The last one will be set in a tone that embodies the suspense and excitement of the saga, where the owners of each NFT will have to make a difficult choice: take the blue pill to stay inside the Matrix or the red pill to become part of the resistance.

But that’s not all! From there, the adventure begins for the users, who will receive different challenges over the next months in order to get new upgrades for their avatars.

And you, which pill would you choose? The blue or the red one?

Source: Xataka

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