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digital nomads

When you are a digital nomad or startup it is difficult to afford all the services and tools you need to run your business. “Office in a box” might be what you need.

Get the full experience of a high-performance company for a fraction of the price.

You may need this solution if:

About Office in a box

Becoming a digital nomad or starting your own business can offer perks like professional freedom.

The truth is that when you are starting as an independent professional or in the early days of your startup, it’s not always easy to afford all the resources and technology you need. Our “Office in a box”  creates an affordable package that unifies communication, cloud storage and profession-specific tools that will improve your work.

We also offer reasonably priced websites for a beginner online presence, guaranteeing you a secure and optimized website that expresses your personality.

The best part? You can customize your package with the services you need.