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One time service

Microsoft 365 Tenant Hardening


Elevate your defenses with our proactive Microsoft 365 tenant hardening, ensuring your digital fortress remains impenetrable! Our expert service enhances your microsoft 365 security by fortifying vulnerabilities and reducing risks. From data protection to access controls, we optimize your Microsoft 365 environment for resilience against cyber threats.


Microsoft 365 DNS settings review.

DMARC/DKIM settings review.

Microsoft 365 policies review.

Break glass account setup.

Secure score review.

Tenant configuration to baseline recommendations.


Get your Microsoft 365 DNS records setup correctly.

Get your email protection settings setup to verify you as a valid sender and help protect against unwanted email.

Get your Microsoft 365 tenant setup to best effect based on your licensing options,

This is a one-time engagement to configure your Microsoft 365 settings for one domain. Additional domains require the purchase of this service per domain.


Monthly subscription


When IT issues strike, access your personal help desk portal to receive assistance and have confidence that your issue is being addressed in a timely and prioritized manner.

Monthly subscription


Need support for an additional user? Shared computers? No worries! Add help desk support for extra team members who share the same computer. This is ideal for floor staff or shift workers. Pair this support service with an end point plan, Microsoft 365 plan, or device for unlimited assistance.  

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Looking to navigate digital success parting from a virtual CIO consultation? Our virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) experts guide your business through intricate technology decisions. From strategic planning to optimizing IT infrastructure, we provide tailored insights to ensure your digital journey is efficient, secure, and aligned with your goals.

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