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Monthly subscription

End Point Protection


You protected your Microsoft 365 and you should protect your computer too.

Monitor your computer for hardware and operating system related issues.

Protect your computer with a detection and response platform that automatically remediates detected incidents.

Protect your web browsing with DNS filtering, prevent connection to bad websites and other bad links.


End point detection and response.

End point monitoring.

DNS filtering.

Your desktop or laptop is monitored 24/7 the 365 days of the year, and protected against malware and bad actors. Our automated protection services automatically remediate detected security issues.

We’ll send you a monthly report that shows you the detection activity on your computer.

You can have confidence when browsing the web, that bad sites and links will be identified and brought to your attention.

Got sites you don’t want team members to visit, we can block them for you.

The end point protection license is a monthly subscription that covers one desktop/laptop. Unprotected desktop/laptop are not included in our support or protection services.


Monthly subscription


We’ll take care of everything related to your end point maintenance and computer patching, ensuring that critical updates are implemented for your operating system and applications.

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