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Brand Refresh


Evolve while remaining true to your roots with a brand refresh. Our experts infuse new energy into your identity while preserving what works and introducing innovative elements through an optimized visual strategy. Ignite a renewed connection with your audience and set your brand on a captivating new trajectory.


We refine your existing logo or create a new one that retains your brand’s essence while modernizing its look and feel.

Update of your brand’s color scheme to ensure it remains fresh and relevant.

Implementation of modern fonts that align with your brand’s messaging and appeal.

New design of graphic elements and layouts aligned with your updated brand.

Creation or update of your brand style guide that detail logo usage, color codes, typography guidelines, and more, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.

Brand’s personality and identity manual update (brand book).

Review and refining of your brand’s messaging and taglines to reflect any changes in your brand’s identity or positioning.


A brand refresh helps your business stay current and relevant in the eyes of your target audience, making it more appealing to new and existing customers.

It updates your visual identity, including logos, colors, and design elements, ensuring they align with contemporary design trends and customer expectations.

A brand refresh often includes updated style guides and brand guidelines, ensuring consistency in your messaging and visual elements across all marketing materials and platforms.

Additional Information

This is a one-time service tailored to the client’s specific needs and goals. Any additional design or content not included in the original offer will incur an extra charge.


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