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Website Management


You’ve taken the step of building an awesome website with EmpowerIT. Now let us manage the regular maintenance and minor updates.


Let an expert manage the updating and maintenance of your EmpowerIT created and hosted website.

We will ensure that regular backups are taken and reviewed.

Sit back and relax knowing your website is in good hands.

This is a monthly subscription that covers one EmpowerIT designed and hosted website.


Monthly subscription


Combine End Point protection and maintenance with the Microsoft 365 business starter plan, along with Microsoft 365 protection, to create a comprehensive plan that covers all your team members. This is the best solution when you are concerned about safeguarding your Microsoft 365 assets and want to ensure that your team members have coverage for both computer and Microsoft 365 issues.

Monthly subscription


Elevate your digital journey with our Biz starter cloud services, your foundation for success! Our package provides essential tools for startups and small businesses that covers cloud solutions and productivity apps to empower your business with streamlined operations and scalability.

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