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Monthly subscription

Virtual CMO – Marketing Strategy


Talk to an expert about various marketing strategy aspects of your business.



Get the guidance you need on a quarterly schedule that suits you.

Creation of a dedicate Microsoft Teams Channel: up to 30 minutes of questions or communication (text, email, chat)  per week.

Marketing road map review.

Annual marketing budget planning.

Bi-annual strategic marketing meetings.

Quarterly marketing department review meetings.

Access to schedule additional meetings at a special rate.

Review your business and leverage marketing to foster growth.

Create a marketing road map.

Budget for your marketing expenditures.

Quarterly strategic marketing meetings.


This is a monthly subscription service and covers one strategic marketing team. Unlicensed teams are not included in any virtual CMO services.


Monthly subscription


This dynamic website will allow your clients to book appointments through the web and showcase your services as a catalog. Ideal for spas, wellness centers, yoga studios, and more!

One time service


Let’s craft a captivating identity that includes a name, logo, and charisma — all intertwined for a brand strategy to tell a magnetic story. Forge a lasting bond with your audience, as we carve your distinctive mark in the market’s tapestry. Elevate perception, spark recognition, and etch your legacy with our strategic branding.

Monthly subscription


Our expert team designs, executes, and monitors strategic email campaigns that resonate with your audience. Email marketing is much more than captivating content to targeted delivery, we ensure you that it will elevate your engagement, conversion rates, and brand loyalty with our comprehensive email campaigns plan.

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