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Monthly subscription

Biz Starter


This plan has what you need to get started with the Microsoft 365 platform. Access to both online and desktop apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Drive, Teams and more. Coupled with a backup service that makes sure you have access to your data should something happen to your account.



Microsoft 365 business premium license.

Microsoft 365 backup.

Microsoft 365 moves/adds/changes related to adding/removing staff or data recovery included.

Start your journey with the Microsoft 365 platform with a powerful suite of tools and have confidence that your Microsoft 365 data is backed up!

The Microsoft 365 starter license is a monthly subscription that covers one team member. Unlicensed team members are not included in any support or protection services. Use this plan to start your Microsoft 365 journey.


Monthly subscription


Protecting your business has never been simpler.

Monthly subscription


From end point detection and end point response to monitored end points, we ensure your digital perimeters are fortified. Stay steps ahead of threats, enjoy proactive monitoring, and response with our expert end point protection services, safeguarding your digital landscape.

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Looking to navigate digital success parting from a virtual CIO consultation? Our virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) experts guide your business through intricate technology decisions. From strategic planning to optimizing IT infrastructure, we provide tailored insights to ensure your digital journey is efficient, secure, and aligned with your goals.

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