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Monthly subscription

Barber Website + Booking System


The Barber Website template is finely crafted with a multi-step appointment booking form, provider and service catalogs, and dynamic content. Revel in the sleek integration of WooCommerce for effortless transactions, and enjoy the perks of six professionally designed pages, a monthly free edit, and a complimentary .com domain. With features like single-page templates, custom fields, and a wizard setup, this template effortlessly mirrors your barbershop’s personality.

  • Multi-step appointment booking form
  • Provider/Service Singles and Catalogs
  • Dynamic content tuned and ready
  • WooCommerce integration
  • 6 professionally designed pages
  • 1 free monthly edit
  • Free .com domain
  • Hosting
  • Monthly backup
  • Basic support
  • Dynamic Listings: Display “Our Team” and “Our Treatments” effortlessly with dynamic listing grids and layouts.
  • User-friendly Forms: Enhance user interaction with multi-step forms for a seamless booking process.
  • Visual Consistency: Ensure visual harmony with custom field templates for a professional presentation.
  • Effortless Booking: Simplify appointment scheduling with single-page booking from multiple locations.
  • Information Display: Showcase essential details with multiple appointment layouts for clarity.
  • Transaction Ease: Facilitate transactions with seamless WooCommerce integration for convenient payments.
  • Quick Customization: Expedite setup with a wizard for quick and easy customization.
  • Tailored Information: Collect information with 12 custom field types for versatile data.
  • Ready-to-Use Schedule: Editable presets for business hours, holidays, and buffer times for convenient scheduling.

This is a subscription service. Terms and conditions are subject to change. This is a monthly subscription with a 1 year contract.


Monthly subscription


This dynamic website will allow your clients to book appointments through the web and showcase your services as a catalog. Ideal for spas, wellness centers, yoga studios, and more!

Monthly subscription


Our expert team crafts a meticulously tailored marketing strategy, precisely aligned with your business’s unique needs, objectives, and current market dynamics. This ensures exceptional outcomes with stable, long-term results.

One time service


Let’s craft a captivating identity that includes a name, logo, and charisma — all intertwined for a brand strategy to tell a magnetic story. Forge a lasting bond with your audience, as we carve your distinctive mark in the market’s tapestry. Elevate perception, spark recognition, and etch your legacy with our strategic branding.

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