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Digital Nomads

Start your journey as a digital nomad with all you need to succeed: The truth is that when you are starting as a digital nomad or in the early days of your startup, it’s not always easy to afford all the resources and technology you need. Our tailored services create an affordable digital nomads’ package that unifies communication, cloud storage, cybersecurity and profession-specific tools that will improve your work.

Problems we fix

Online Presence

With a well-cultivated digital presence, you attract partners, clients, and enthusiasts, showcasing your business and reaping the rewards of visibility. We optimize your website, ensuring it thrives with engaging content and easy navigation.

IT Infrastructure

Having a managed IT infrastructure ensures your tech landscape thrives. Seamless maintenance, computer protection and reliable backup solutions cultivate efficient operations, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Hardware Acquisition

Let us pick and manage the hardware for you. We source, set up, and ensure your hardware runs efficiently, ready for the challenges ahead.

IT Support Services

From troubleshooting to managed line of business applications, we're your IT lifeline, ensuring you stay on route to success.

Managed Microsoft 365 (SharePoint and Microsoft Teams)

We expertly manage and monitor your Microsoft 365 platform, including SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. From configuration and custom functionality to security and backups, we got your back

Solutions we offer

Monthly subscription


Elevate your digital journey with our Biz starter cloud services, your foundation for success! Our package provides essential tools for startups and small businesses that covers cloud solutions and productivity apps to empower your business with streamlined operations and scalability.

One time service


Your online identity starts with the perfect domain. We simplify the process, offering domain setup, management, and optimization. Elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility with our domain services.

Monthly subscription


From end point detection and end point response to monitored end points, we ensure your digital perimeters are fortified. Stay steps ahead of threats, enjoy proactive monitoring, and response with our expert end point protection services, safeguarding your digital landscape.


There’s probably an ‘X’ missing in your equation. At EmpowerIT, we’re the ‘X’ in extraordinary. Our custom solutions are tailored for your business’ needs and goals, and our personal attention to the clients makes all the difference. Ready to upgrade your journey?




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