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A Glitch In The Matrix? The Unusual Promotion Of ‘Matrix Resurrection’ With NFTs

The advent of NFTs was quietly gaining momentum in the last year, giving singers, films, videogames and artists the opportunity to immortalize, monetize and promote their work. But what happens when the matrix breaks the matrix? That’s right! The new film in the Matrix saga, The Matrix Resurrection, opted to promote its release with an […]

The Big Cloud Companies Mark Their Territory

The cloud market continues to grow, and with it its players, but with a clear leadership of more than 60% of the world market by the big three cloud computing companies: Microsoft, Google and AWS. In this corner, AWS has 33% of the cloud market Amazon has announced in its financial results that AWS has […]

An Unexpected Surprise For Microsoft Teams Users

Microsoft has announced that it will soon be revoking support for versions of the Teams platform running on older versions of Android. The Microsoft 365 Management Center broke the news, setting the timelines for the retirement of Microsoft Teams on Android 5 versions on March 1 of 2022, while Android 6 and 7 will retain […]

Elon Musk Becomes The Richest Person In History, With A Nearly $300 Billion Fortune

Thanks to an extraordinary earnings report and a large car order from Hertz, Tesla’s market capitalization surpassed $1 trillion on Monday. This, added to his other billion-dollar companies, turns Elon Musk into the richest person in the history of the world. Forbes estimates Musk’s net worth to be $271.3 billion at the close of trading […]

Don’t Call It Facebook, Call It Meta

The matrix of the technological future points towards virtual reality and Mark Zuckerberg makes it more than clear. The CEO of Facebook has confirmed the change of the company’s name he heads to represent the beginning of a new stage focused on the ‘metaverse’. Meta will be the parent company encompassing what are now Facebook’s […]

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