Oh! You have a data breach. Do your backups really work?

What to do if you have a data breach? You better check on your data backup before taking any decision. Governments advise ransomware victims not to pay criminals in order to regain access to their data. However, an experienced digital forensics and incident response expert concedes that there are situations when giving in is justified. […]

An affordable version of Microsoft Teams for small businesses

Remote work is increasingly replacing office-based jobs, demanding more and more resources to work online. In response to this trend, Microsoft has created an accessible version of one of its best-selling business products: Microsoft Teams. Small changes to make Microsoft a major competitor There is a gap where small businesses have limited options when it […]

The cloud security test that unveils a shocking result

The insecure cloud computing services can be a huge risk for companies because they are a regular goal for cyber criminals. Researchers have demonstrated how vulnerable or poorly configured cloud services can be, after deploying hundreds of honeypots designed like an unsecured infrastructure, some of which seem compromised by hackers in only a few minutes. […]

Apple sues NSO Group for assault iPhones with Pegasus spyware

Currently Apple has followed WhatsApp and its parent company Meta (formerly called Facebook) in suing Pegasus spyware maker NSO Group. Aside from the promising new data on how NSO Group infected targeted iPhones via a zero-click exploit that researchers later dubbed ForcedEntry, Apple says it’s “seeking a injunction to ban NSO Group from using any […]

US bank management agencies aim to clarify crypto rules by 2022

The Federal Reserve Department, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (or FDC) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued a general statement notifying of a plan to clarify the rules and regulations that determine how banks can use cryptocurrencies next year (via Bloomberg). The agencies say they are focused in setting expectations […]

Do You Use One Of The 200 Most Common Passwords In Canada?

Cybersecurity company NordPass, which sells password management services, has published a list of the 200 most common passwords in Canada. It claims that too many Canadians use passwords that can be easily guessed. Password preferences among Canadians This year’s list of passwords is topped by the usual suspects, such as “password”, “qwerty”, “abc123” and different […]

1.2 million Accounts Exposed Due To A GoDaddy Security Breach

GoDaddy has recently revealed that it has been hacked. The web hosting and registration company discovered that an “unauthorized third party” had gained access to its managed WordPress hosting environment. An estimated 1.2 million users have been exposed, leaving their email address and customer number vulnerable, as well as administrator passwords for the two WordPress […]

Tuesday Crisis: The Google Cloud Outage

Tuesday Crisis: The Google Cloud Outage Some apps and services such as Spotify, Discord, Snapchat and Etsy appear to be recovering after experiencing problems on Tuesday following a brief Google Cloud outage. Other sites such as Cloudflare, Mailchimp, Pokemon Go and Facebook also experienced problems. Google Cloud, and the service’s status page continues to show […]

A Glitch In The Matrix? The Unusual Promotion Of ‘Matrix Resurrection’ With NFTs

The advent of NFTs was quietly gaining momentum in the last year, giving singers, films, videogames and artists the opportunity to immortalize, monetize and promote their work. But what happens when the matrix breaks the matrix? That’s right! The new film in the Matrix saga, The Matrix Resurrection, opted to promote its release with an […]