How to conduct a security risk assessment

How-to-conduct-a -security -risk-assessment

The pandemic provided threat actors with numerous new opportunities to try to infiltrate corporate networks and cloud systems. Businesses had to quickly bring new systems online to support their remote employees as more employees moved to remote working arrangements. The size of attack surfaces grew rapidly, and companies struggled to keep up due to a […]

Be careful! Hackers have a new way to steal your Microsoft 365 credentials

Hackers are stealing Microsoft 365 credentials

This new age of cybercriminals have generated new creative ways to attack against Microsoft 365 users. They have started using Static Web Apps, an Azure service, in their quest to do so. Static Web Apps have two features that are easily abused, according to MalwareHunterTeam researchers: custom branding for web apps and web hosting for […]

The 12 most in demand jobs this 2022

the 12 most in demand jobs this 2022

As the market and its needs change, so do job openings. This is how we see the most in-demand jobs become a race for who possesses the most sought-after skills according to the trends. But what are the most in-demand jobs in 2022?  Do you possess any of these skills? Millennials and generation Z are […]

The Big Cloud Companies Mark Their Territory

The cloud market continues to grow, and with it its players, but with a clear leadership of more than 60% of the world market by the big three cloud computing companies: Microsoft, Google and AWS. In this corner, AWS has 33% of the cloud market Amazon has announced in its financial results that AWS has […]

How UCaaS benefits manufacturers

The use of unified communication solutions by manufacturers has become increasingly important in their day-to-day operations. Unified Communications platforms have allowed manufacturers to interact with customers directly, offering personalized attention in real-time and allowing them to provide after-sales customer service in an easy and accessible manner.   Unified communications, as well as Unified Communications as a Service, have […]

What to Know Before Migrating to SharePoint Online

Yes, you know how beneficial SharePoint can be for your business and you’re ready to take the first step into the migration journey.  But do you know where to start? Have you selected the data you want to migrate?  I know, hitting that migrate button is tempting, but this is indeed the last step of […]

Is Migrating Files to SharePoint Worth the Hassle?

File server vs Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint and a file server are both equal solutions for file storage.  Typically, companies have used local (on-premises) servers to manage their corporate data. This often consists of a common drive to which the connected desktops in an office have access. The IT staff from the organization are the […]