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Top 10 most in demand jobs of 2023

The top 10 most in demand jobs of 2023

There has been a massive increase in job opportunities related to digital skills-based profiles over the last two years. These profiles range from technical to financial job roles, with more opportunities for diversification in the coming years.

This article will look at the top ten in-demand jobs in 2023 in terms of salary and industry.

According to research, the top ten most in demand jobs profiles in 2023 will be:

10. Product Manager

A product manager is a professional who oversees the organization’s product development process. This is one of the top high-demand jobs in the whole world through 2023.

For January 2023, the average salary of a product manager is around US$117,570 /yr.

9. Project Manager

Project manager jobs 2023
Thinking to take seriously your career as a project manager? You might be in the right professional path for 2023.

Project managers oversee the entire project’s processes, including scope, risk, material procurement, team management, and project completion.

For January 2023, the average salary of a Project Manager is around US$120,944 /yr.

8. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialists oversee the promotion of brands through various digital platforms, including their websites, in order to increase business traffic. This will be one of the top ten most sought-after jobs in 2023.

For January 2023, the average salary of a Digital Marketing Specialist is around US$123,909 /yr.

7. DevOps Engineers

DevOps is currently one of the hottest IT jobs out there. DevOps engineers collaborate with production IT staff and system operators to ensure code releases and deployments are successful.

For January 2023, the average salary of a DevOps engineer is around US$111,596 /yr.

6. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are experts who work on the creation of cloud-based solutions. This was one of the most demanded jobs in 2022, and now in 2023.

For January 2023, the average salary of a Cloud Developer is around US$102,661 /yr.

5. Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security IT Jobs 2023
For 2023, almost every position in the information technology (IT) job market offers a positive outlook, high salaries, and professional development opportunities. The cyber security skills seem to be highly demanded this 2023.

Cyber security engineers are professionals who ensure the company’s network infrastructure is secure in order to prevent external breaches within the system. Because of the growing number of cyber threats, these experts are in higher demand than ever before.

For January 2023, the average salary of a Cybersecurity Engineer is around US$106,465 /yr.

4. UX Designer

UX designers are involved in the process of integrating products to improve user experience through design, usability, and function.

For January 2023, the average salary of a UX Designer is around US$110,392 /yr.

3. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers operate, design, and develop distributed blockchain networks, as well as provide support. This profile is also one of the top ten in-demand jobs for 2023.

For January 2023, the average salary of a Blockchain Engineer is around US$112,361 /yr.

2. Data Analyst

To make strategic business decisions, data analysts study, transform, and model data.

For January 2023, the average salary of a Data Analyst is around US$111,303 /yr.

1. Data Scientists

Data Scientists jobs 2023
The Data is the key to understand the market, and everyday, the ability to analyze it and create predictions is a more required skill. That’s why the data scientists became the number one most in demand job for this 2023.

The Cinderella of this 2023 is the Data Science, which it’s been stepping strong in the last 5 years.

Data scientists are experts who use scientific methods, algorithms, and systems to analyze unstructured and structured data sets. These professionals oversee analyzing, processing, and modelling data in order to interpret the results and develop actionable plans. To forecast outcomes, they develop algorithms and data models.

For January 2023, the average salary of a Data Scientist is around US$121,738 /yr.


2022 was the year of consolidation of any tool or knowledge related to technology, marketing and design.

These job profiles offer numerous opportunities for advancement and education. While the formal education is still highly admired and on top of the different industry requirements, we observe a display of technology related skills acquired by mere field experience or simple internet tutorial.

Every day, there are more cases of individuals learning new skills available on the internet and mastering them with the practice. In the long run, the formal education is just setting the right bases and opening the right doors.

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With disruptive technologies entering the market on a regular basis, the future relevance of certain jobs is critical. Use this list of the best jobs in 2023 to determine which careers have a future, and then choose your career path accordingly.

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